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Character Name: Wynonna Earp
Series: Wynonna Earp
Timeline: 2x02, "Shed Your Skin"
Canon Resource Link:

Character History:

I know that ain't no way to live

You've probably heard of Wynonna's great-great-grandfather, Wyatt Earp. He was a famous lawman and gunslinger in the Old West. What you probably didn't know is that he killed the demon Clootie and became cursed and that curse has been following his family line ever since. The oldest in the Earp line becomes the heir, the only one who can handle his gun the Peacemaker and the Revenants, the souls of the outlaws Wyatt hunted, who keep coming out of hell. They can't leave the city of Purgatory because of the Ghost River triangle and most of them are pretty pissed about it and have a thing against the heirs.

Which takes us to Wynonna's childhood. Wynonna was the middle of child of three sisters. Willa was the eldest, and Waverly the youngest. Willa was supposed to be the heir, she was trained to be. Their mother leaves when they're young (it is implied by Willa that Ward abused her, and that is why she leaves) and it's just Ward and his young girls. One night the Seven (the group of revenants who hate the Earp heirs the most) raid the Earp homestead and things go wrong. Willa gets taken. Wynonna accidentally shoots her own father. It's tragedy galore and the end to Wynonna having any semblance of normalcy in her life. She tries to tell the cops and other townsfolk it was demons but no one believes her. Even her own family thinks it's better people think she's crazy than know the truth. Wynonna becomes the scapegoat and she's shipped off to St. Victoria's psychiatric institute.

Wynonna grows up as the town pariah. She acts out as she gets older and ends up in juvenile hall a few times. The thing is people call you crazy and bad long enough and you start believing it. Wynonna does. She sleeps with people's boyfriends. She gets in fights. She disappoints people. And then finally, she leaves Purgatory all together. She thinks it's the best thing she can do for her remaining sister, Waverly. She can't drag her down with her.

But then on her 27th birthday Wynonna comes home for her uncle Curtis' funeral and that is where our story truly begins.

Came upon that lake of fire.

Wynonna ends up late to Curtis' funeral, actually, because she was trying to save a girl who was on the bus with her. But the girl was killed and it begins to look like whatever killed that girl? It killed Curtis too. So Wynonna goes to a local bar, Shorty's, to get some information out of people and goes home with one of the men, Champ, hoping to get information out of him via seduction and you know, knives. But then his girlfriend catches them. And Champ's girlfriend is Waverly. Whoops. What a good reunion after not seeing each other for three years. Waverly is worried the curse has come back in force, just in time for Wynonna's birthday, but before Wynonna can respond much to this idea she gets called in by a US Marshall, Xavier Dolls. He's investigating the murders too, and her connection to them. Fun! No. Not fun. At all. Wynonna knows if she is going to put an end to this she needs Wyatt's gun. She needs Peacemaker.

Her aunt, Gus, tries to talk her out of staying in town. When Wynonna explains why she needs to stay Gus asks if she's been off her meds. It clearly hurts Wynonna to her bones, once again everyone is acting like she's unstable and crazy but she knows the truth. She knows what's happening here, she can't just turn a blind eye. She has to do something, she has to fight. During her attempts to gather more information she meets a man in old timey attire who she will later learn is Doc Freakin' Holliday. Eventually she stops the Revenants after they take Waverly and then she gets blackmailed by Dolls into working with his division, Black Badge. She's now a US Marshall.

And with her new position comes rules, like not making too much of a spectacle of things -- or Black Badge might try to wipe Purgatory off the map. She also begins learning new things like how only the Peacemaker can take out Revenants, and if a Revenant tries to hold the gun it'll start burning their skin. Which makes her job a little easier. Oh she also learned the land the Earp homestead was built on attracts evil. That's less awesome. With the help of Waverly and Dolls she kills a Shadow Assassin and sends the Revenant Levi back to the Revenant leader (Bobo Del Rey) to send a message. She's going to burn every last one of them. It's not a threat, it's a promise.

When she runs into Doc in Shorty's again she finds herself hitting on him, there's an instant attraction there she can't deny. But there are other things to attend to soon enough. Thanks to her sister's research she learns that the Revenants are cursed into a geographical section called the Ghost River Triangle, if they pass over it they will suffer immense torture. And then some Revenants steal an important diary of information, it seems that they're looking for a way out of the triangle. One of them is one of the Seven who attacked the homestead and the reminder sends Wynonna visiting the graves of her father and Willa. The weight of that loss, her failure to save either one of them, is something that Wyonna carries with her at all times. She's never forgiven herself for what she did that day, even though she was just a child. It's at that grave that she runs into the Revenant who stole the diary. And she kills him. He leaves a clue to where what they were looking for might be, though. But they get there too late, Shorty and Champ are hostages and soon Shorty becomes possessed due to a deal a revenant had with the Stone Witch. In the end, Wynonna has to shoot Shorty. It's not the first time Wynonna has had to kill someone she loved and it won't be the last. It's a weary, difficult and painful thing for Wynonna that never gets easier, but it's her burden to bear.

When she gets home Henry, the dapper and old timey gentleman who shot her down, is waiting for her and he finally reveals his true identity. He's Doc Holliday. Doc Holliday was supposed to die like a hundred years ago or so so Wynonna is rightfully skeptical of his claim. So she makes him prove it to her, Doc was supposed to be the fastest and most accurate shot in the west. He puts on an impressive display of marksmanship and Wynonna watches from the background with a cigarette like damn break me off a piece of that. Doc Freakin' Holliday. It's not everyday you realize you've hit on your great-great Grandfather's best friend. Whoops.

Doc clues Wynonna in on the fact that a bunch of the revenants are hanging out in the local trailer park so off she and Dolls go to check it out. The leader, Bobo Del Rey, is so not happy to see them but he lets them investigate their current case, a Father Malick who seems to be targeting women specifically. Fun. It turns out he's trying to punish these women and make them confess their sins. Wynonna becomes the newest target, she has to apologize to everyone she's ever hurt. This is easier said than done because as Waverly reminds her, everyone hates her. And it's true. Despite the fact that she's fighting to protect the people in this town, despite the fact that she's trying to be better, to do better, the people in this town made up their minds about her a long, long time ago. And she doesn't really care. But there is one person's forgiveness that matters: Waverly's. She realizes how deeply she wronged her sister, how rightfully angry and resentful Waverly is, and she apologizes. Waverly forgives her and it's enough to take the sadistic barber out. At the end of the day no one matters to Wynonna as much as her baby sister.

my heart went from red to black

It turns out that killing all those Revanents isn't good for Wynonna. She starts having nightmares and Waverly is worried she's going to go off the deep end this time. Wynonna is desperate to find the last two Revenants who were there when her father died, she is desperate for revenge. This mean she looses it during one of their fights but luckily Dolls is able to apprehend Bobo all the same. Wynonna pulls Peacemaker on him, intent to finally put an end to this, but Bobo manages to grab the gun from her and lives to make her miserable another day. As if the day isn't going bad enough, someone who is looking for Bobo hijacks her car and makes Wynonna drive. She breaks free just in time to meet up with her sister and Doc, who had been trailing them. Doc knows the dude who was holding her hostage, his name is Fish. Fish wants to find his old lover, another revenant, Levi. The problem is Doc had dragged Levi over the Ghost River line so even when they find him he's in rough, rough shape. Levi and Fish have a heartful exchange and with tears in her eyes Wynonna tells them to make their peace and shoots them. For the first time she really questions what she's doing. Fish wasn't so bad. He was kind, he loved, it made it harder for her. It doesn't make it any easier that Doc starts arguing with her and warning her about becoming consumed by revenge. She has a code, she'll never be like him and then Doc tells her she is exactly like him. And then they make out. And fuck. In the abandoned wooded area. Like you do.

Dolls starts training Wynonna in hand to hand combat. Peacemaker is good, knowing how to actually fight is better. He notes how limber she seems, something that is obviously a reaction to all the sex she had with Doc. Wynonna meets up with Waverly in Shorty's to go over the picture to see if they can identify the last of the Revenants involved in the raid on their father. This leads her and Dolls to visit the Blacksmith, a bad ass but cautious woman who gives them some information. During all of this Curtis' estate is in order finally and Wynonna gets his beloved motorcycle and she is the happiest a girl can be. Doc and she have a talk about not making a big deal about the sex and she helps arrange a time for him to talk to Dolls. Speaking of Dolls he wants Wynonna to keep a Revenant alive to show his higher ups that they're making progress but she's not so good at that kind of shit. Then they get caught up in this whole cannibalism thing, Dolls gets taken, Wynonna saves the day, everyone wins. Sorta. As much as anyone wins around here. Less cannibalism is good though.

Anyway, Doc and Wynonna argue because he's risking life and limb over her and she's not doing the same, god what an asshole right? But then Dolls cancels the late work night on Wynonna and Waverly has a party to go to so Wynonna ends up spending the night with Nicole Haught, drinking and figuring out a serial killer case. Also talking to a creepy doctor who seems to be hanging around. But then Waverly calls Wynonna as backup to some issues with the Stone witch and zombies. Wynonna and Doc scare them off for the time being and the next morning Wynonna brings coffee to Nicole to go over the case with her more but then Doc finds a cop car with blood stains and missing bodies.....

Wynonna wakes up in a hospital where she can no longer use her legs. She's told that she was in an accident. The doctor is the creep from the morgue, but she's pretty sure he's a Revenant named Jack. Wynonna is nothing if not resourceful, however, she manages to crease the iv to stop the drip and soon enough she's moving her toes. So she tries to make a run for it -- but it's more like a crawl for it, she ends up on the floor, dragging her body along. By the time she finds the doctor she can manage her body enough to hold a knife to his neck and threaten him. But he bleeds. He's human. A knife goes through him and the real Two Faced Jack, a Revenant, reveals himself to Wynonna. Jack gets her back on the operating table, preparing his instruments (including unnaturally long and sharp finger nails) and giving her some information. Like that her daddy had made a deal with Bobo. In the nick of time, Dolls and Doc come to her rescue and she gets reunited with Peacemaker and puts a bullet into Jack's skull. It's a hollow victory. She finished off the Seven Revenants who hunted her father but was her father who she thought he was? Although the ordeal is over it's effects on Wynonna are not.

Despite the victories Wynonna has experienced the weight of everything is crushing her. She goes out and tries to party and have a good time and experiences flashbacks from what Jack did to her, without Doc's intervention things could have gone much worse. She gets an evaluation done on her, something that is clearly a trigger for her considering how many of these she experienced when she was institutionalized, and is considered unfit for work, so Dolls takes her badge. She holds someone at gunpoint only to discover he was human, not Revenant, and as she confines in Doc she almost killed him anyway. Wynonna is unraveling and having a hard time keeping herself in check anymore. The only comfort she can find at all during this time is in the arms of Doc, having sex with him is a way for her to feel like she's taking some sort of control back in her life. And then she helps him take down the Stone Witch, eventually burying her in salt (poison for witches) as a way to take her out without killing Doc in the process. She also manages to get more information about the curse out of the woman. So there are some victories to be found. There are even more when she goes back to Black Badge headquarters and gets reinstated after finding out she passed the second evaluation she definitely did not take. Too bad Bobo bought Shorty's. That sucks.

Just another soul to take

After Bobo discovers that the Earps have bugged Shorty's he reveals to everyone that Wynonna has been shacking up with Doc. Which was not something she wanted everyone knowing, especially not Dolls, who seems particularly hurt by finding out. So of course she makes a point of telling Doc that everyone knows now, and that it doesn't matter, there isn't a them, this was just sex. Then she leaves him to track Dolls down, because she's stalking many men that evening. It turns out Dolls was torturing a Revenant and not even getting information out of him. So Wynonna gets the information instead and then uses Peacemaker on him. Dolls and Wynonna head up into Pines Barren where they get separated from one another and taken in by a cult. Wynonna tries to break free and rescue Dolls but she can't find Peacemaker. Then they get captured again and marked so they'll be eaten by the wolves. Eventually they manage to liberate the girls and one of them, Eve, picks up the Peacemaker when they find it and shoots Lou. Which only an Earp heir should be able to do. Gus confirms Wynonna's suspicions when she sees the girl; Eve is Willa.

Well, a bloodtest also confirms this. They have to be sure. And they are. When Wynonna takes Willa out to practice shooting touching the Peacemaker sends Willa into flashbacks, not happy ones, but ones that assure her that she's an Earp to the core. Wynonna has some mixed feelings about her sister's sudden reappearance into her life and it messes up the work she does with Dolls while they're tracking some vampires. They get the information they need but it definitely doesn't go as smoothly as it could have.

Willa goes missing and Wynonna and Waverly find her in Bobo's Saloon drinking. Things escalate quickly when Willa gets the Peacemaker and shoots a Revenant in the middle of the bar, starting both a fight and a scene. Dolls is pissed, so much for keeping things low profile. When they get home a bunch of mercenaries are waiting for them and while they manage to get most of them to back off one still goes after Willa, but Bobo saves her. So in turn, Willa prevents Wynonna from killing him. Wynonna is not happy about that at all, she was going to finally have him and everything.

Nothing can ever be that easy.

Wynonna and Willa torture Whiskey Jim to try to get answers about who sent mercenaries to the homestead but they don't get any answers. So that sucks. So Willa just kills him instead. Dolls and Wynonna do some recon work of their own and then Dolls shows Wynonna something devastating, Doc's destroyed car. It seems as if Doc Holliday is dead for real this time and Wynonna is visibly shaken by it. She's lost so many people already, she didn't want to lose him too. Dolls tries to reassure her that if anyone could survive this, it's Doc, but it falls on deaf ears.

Well, there's no time to mourn. Bobo is throwing a big party and everyone is going, Wynonna included. But first she has to do some recon work in the old family barn. She remembers listening with Willa as her father made a deal with Bobo and she finds the thing she needed, the letter that tells them what the Lead Bobo is looking for is. It's the true Earp heir. It's Willa. Wynonna hands over the Peacemaker to her and makes her way into the Party. She unloads on Dolls about how she had come to really love being the heir and no one would need her now. He says that Black Badge will always need her, hell, he'll need her. These are the magic words when Wynonna is working on heightened emotions and insecurities and after months of sexual tension she kisses Dolls. And who would see it but Doc; it turns out the rumors of his death have been greatly exaggerated. There's no time, however, for relationship drama because Bobo has poisoned half the town and there's only one antidote, it goes to whoever brings him Wynonna. So Doc and Dolls do what any two men in love would do.

They work together and toss Wynonna out the window. Wynonna goes home where she's cornered by an infected citizen (a dude she cheated on in high school, with his own brother at that) but Willa comes to save the day. Except what Wynonna doesn't know is that Willa is working with Bobo and trying to use the Winter Solstice to cross over the Ghost River triangle. But she needs the Peacemaker, which Waverly took from her. But one of Waverly's high school friends, Chrissy, is deranged and infected and holding Waverly hostage so it's time to go rescue her. Or try to. Willa then points a gun at Nicole, Waverly's girlfriend, saying to give Peacemaker over or she'll shoot. At Waverly's pleading Wynonna hands it over and Willa shoots Nicole anyway.

So much for that.

Eventually after stops from other deranged townspeople eventually Wynonna and Doc make their way to where Willa and Bobo are trying to escape. Wynonna tries to reason with her big sister but her sister is beyond reason. As the barrier between Purgatory and the rest of the world begins to break this giant squid like creature begins to cross over. In order to stop it and everything else Wynonna has to shoot her own sister, once again failing to rescue Willa. She falls down almost immediately, Doc running to her side and Dolls standing in the background. But this is not where the losses end. Lucado, one of the higher ups with Black Badge, takes in both Bobo and Dolls (Bobo for testing, Dolls for defying orders) and there is nothing Wynonna can do except shoot Bobo before they cross the border.

They'll have to wait another day to save Dolls.

So I told that devil to take you back.

The most important thing on Wynonna's mind at the moment is getting Dolls back, she's lost too many people already and she cannot lose him too. When snooping around his hotel room for clues she meets a friend of his, Eliza, who promises to help her spring Dolls. As they break into Black Badge's offices she finds out things she didn't know before like Dolls' supernatural abilities or where he is. With Eliza and Doc as back up she continues moving forward in her mission. Until they get trapped because Eliza's clearance got revoked. Luckily Waverly is able to find a way to open the door -- only for Doc to slip past Eliza and Wynonna promising he would rescue Dolls, or put him down if he had to. Wynonna has had to kill enough people she loves, it's his turn now.

Things go from bad to worse and eventually everyone is apprehended by Black Badge...only to be all offered black badges?? Yeah they're all forced to sign blood oaths and join the team, except for Eliza who is killed as a traitor. Wynonna briefly sees Dolls again before he disappears, he's out there somewhere, she just doesn't know where. She never imagined that she would save him and not be able to keep him.

Working for Black Badge so directly sucks, if Dolls was a stickler for rules Lucado was obsessed with them. But Wynonna starts tracking a case of disappearances and discovers a giant spider cocoon. That can't be good. She and Waverly open it and surprise it's demon spiders. Luckily Peacemaker takes care of those. Oh, and Wynonna starts thinking Willa is haunting her, there's not much proof of this just the overwhelming amount of guilt and pent up damage Wynonna is carrying around with her. As they try to hunt down the mother spider eventually she and Doc have to take a contamination shower from the goo of the creature. It's sexy for five seconds. When Wynonna is sure her sister isn't haunting her she and Waverly burn up all of Willa's stuff, a funeral prye of sorts. After drinking Wynonna then approaches Doc and talks to him about everything, like how she would have never kissed Dolls if she hadn't thought he was dead. She's clearly in a bad place and confused over her feelings so when she tries to kiss him, Doc turns her down. Wynonna then chews him out in anger, he's been cold and distant and she doesn't get why he isn't returning her calls or anything. Dolls is gone. Waverly has Nicole. Doc is doing...whatever Doc is doing.

What does Wynonna have, exactly?

Not much. But she and Waverly manage to destroy the spider things and for some reason or another Lucado starts backing off a little, so that’s something. Not much, but something.

Abilities/Special Powers:

Wynonna is the Earp heir, this means that she is the only one who can use her gun, the Peacemaker. The Peacemaker belonged to her great-great grandfather Wyatt Earp and is especially tuned to killing Revenants (it is the only tool that can send them back to hell, in fact) but it can be used against other monsters and people as well. She has a special connection to the weapon and usually is keenly aware of where it might be in the room, even if hidden from usual eyesight.

Because of the training she received from her father, Ward, Wynonna is a good shot and rarely misses unless something or someone intervenes and causes her to. She also inherited Wyatt's skills as a gunslinger and fighter, something every heir inherits when they come of age. On top of that she has seemingly supernatural good aim at times, she can focus through the barrel of the Peacemaker in order to make precise shots almost no one else could make.

She is also a skilled fighter having trained Dolls extensively to hone her skills. She was also taught the basics of fighting at a young age from her father.

She can also drink a lot of alcohol in one sitting, does that count as an ability?

Third-Person Sample:

Purgatory might suck most of the time, but it's home, and it's familiar. Wynonna knows what to expect there, for better or for worse (usually it's for the worse). Here? Freaking Wonderland? She has no idea what to make of this place. She's alone and more than a little on edge and the only thing comforting to her right now is that she still has Peacemaker on her. Without it she would feel a lot less secure.

Not that she's feeling all that secure, mind you, but details. Anyway. It could be worse. At least she didn't wake up in a hospital this time, unable to move her legs.

Man, she really needs to stop getting kidnapped.

Amazingly the first stop she makes isn't the bar. It's the Training Center/Danger Rooms on the first floor. She goes into one of the weapon training rooms and lets out a load of shots from Peacemaker. She makes each mark. Well, at least that seems to be working right. She was scared for a moment it was a decoy or something but she'd know how Peacemaker felt any day. Now she just needs to find who's responsible for her being here so she can use Peacemaker more properly.

Which means she needs information.

Her second stop is a bar. Damon's bar on the fourth floor, to be exact. It seems like a nice enough place. It's no Shorty's, but nothing is. Still she'll order a couple of rounds of shots and start chatting up whoever comes by, going as far to over to do a round of shots with them, if they want. The best way to get information is to butter people up first, right?

Plus she just needs a freakin' drink. Or ten. It's been a long day. Week. Month. Life. It's been a long life and she doesn't think it's going to be letting up any time soon, sadly.

First-Person Sample:

[Unsurprisingly, Wynonna is clearly sitting at a bar as she takes this video. She even holds up a shot.]

Cheers to waking up in strange weird places without even the excuse of blacking out the night before.

[she downs the shot.]

Now that I've got that out of the way I have a question -- are the people here selected randomly? I mean, they could have taken anyone in the world, I can't see why they would take me.

[Yes she can, she's the Earp heir, but she's not going to just advertise that to everyone. ]

I'm sorry if you've heard that one before, I tried to be original and not do the whole okay who is doing this, why am I here, how do I get home, I demand answers spiel. That has to get hella boring after a while.

[there's a pause and then.]

If you have any answers to those questions, however, I wouldn't say no to them. Even better, come down to...I think it was marked Damon's Bar? Anyway, come share a round of shots, fill me in on anything I need to know, it's sad to drink alone, especially when you've just been kidnapped.

Do a girl a solid, would you?


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